sexta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2010

Vai um curry aí?

Eu me amarro na série House. Nesta semana, assisti ao episódio “Falha de comunicação”, em que ele tenta diagnosticar o problema de fala (afasia) de um jornalista brilhante. Eu chapei no seguinte diálogo, entre House e sua ex-mulher:

Stacy: our relationship’s like an addiction. It’s like…

House: really good drugs?

Stacy: no, it’s like vindaloo curry

House: okay, sure

Stacy: really, really hot indian curry they make with red chili peppers

House: I know what it is. Didn’t think it was addictive

Stacy: you’re abrasive and annoying, and you come on way too strong. Like vindaloo curry. And when you’re crazy about curry, that’s fine. But no matter how much you love curry, you have too much of it, it takes the roof of your mouth off. And then you never want to see curry for a really, really long time. but you wake up one day and you think 'God, I really miss curry'.
You know what Woody Allen said about relationships? Irrational and crazy, but we go through it all because…
…we need the curry.

3 comentários:

vicbrum disse...

haha excelente!!!

Rosa Mouta disse...

realmente, House M.D. é bão mesmo!

Ciça Calvoso disse...

That´s it: "Irrational and crazy, but we go through it all because…
…we need the curry. "